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Where Did Photo edit Come From?

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Photo derived from Greek word Photograph which means drawing with light (photos captured from cameras) and edit means to make changes So the meaning of photo edit to make changes in the images or photo It is also known as Photo manipulation when you try to trick someone

History of Photo Editing:

In 1860 process of photo editing had done in the photo of American president Abraham Lincoln In the same year first photo editing software for personal computers was invented Before this invention peoples used to edit photos and images manually or some times by pasting images together and their tools of photo editing were paintbrushes, Paints, and different types of inks to give photos a new look

In 1987 the very first version of Adobe Photoshop was launched in the market after that the photo editing becomes most popular and in 2011 photo editing software were launched for mobile phones

Nowadays there are so many photo editing sites are available such as https://gotoandlearn.com/photo-editing-software/the-best-photo-editing-software-for-pc-free-download/ You can go to this site and download free photo edit software of your choice

Importance of Photo Editing:

Photo editing is becoming a necessity to make your photos looking nice It is used almost everywhere, In the fashion industry it is an essential tool to edit pictures of models to enhance their dresses and beautiful look

You can remove the unwanted background or unnecessary objects from your photos not only this, but you can also make the oldest pictures of your ancestor entirely new with the help of photo editing

In this modern era, no one is unaware of the importance of photo editing especially in online market place photo editing has an immense importance

Photography is incomplete without photo editing in this modern and digital world you should also use this powerful technique to make your pictures more appealing to the world





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