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Types of glass used in car windows

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Nowadays, a lot of cars have been using windshields for safety purposes. Not only does it make the window functional but increases safety. Mostly the laminated safety glass is used since they are treated glass and acts as a combination of two curved glass sheets and plastic laminated layer. These windshields are eventually attached to the window frame. When it comes to windshields for motorbikes, polycarbonate or acrylic plastic are used. 

The types of auto glass

The glasses used in cars and home windows are very different. When you are putting up the glass for house windows, you ensure to choose the fabricated ones to avoid shattering and breakage. However, car windows do not usually shatter. Nonetheless, they are created in such a way that they do not lead to sharp pieces, even on breaking. 

The auto glasses are laminated and tempered. These are eventually designed for rear and front windows. While the laminated glasses are used for windshields, the tempered glasses are used for making a rear window. 

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass was usually formed in 1920. Laminated glasses can easily break, but they do not eventually fly off, leading to a collision. These are fabricated glass; therefore, they can take up extreme blows without breaking. As a result, the laminated glasses are designed to ensure passenger safety by reducing the chances of injury. The laminated Glass act as a barrier if something is thrown against the windshield. 

Laminated Glass is highly used in the car industry. Nonetheless, it is used for other purposes as well. You may often come across a lot of stores using laminated glass for the safety of their products. 

Tempered glass

This is something you may already be familiar with because tempered glasses are used to increase the safety of the phone. Nonetheless, tempered glasses are used as Auto Glass too. Despite using laminated glass, car companies have been using tempered glass to enhance the safety of windows. These glasses are made as a combination of one ply-product. If you are concerned about sharp edges, you don’t need to be because the tempered glass on breaking produced very small non-sharp pieces. These are less dangerous. 

As stated earlier, tempered glass is used apart from the auto industry, such as sunglasses, cooking, and baking dishes. Tempered glass compared to laminated glass are hard and durable. Moreover, they are thick as well, which helps to increase safety. While you may consider repairing laminated glass, tempered glass needs to be entirely replaced. 

You can reach out to Auto Glass Experts to find the potential glass for your car. Moreover, make sure that you maintain them properly to avoid easy breaking. 


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