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Stages of Professional Paint Correction Process – First Detailing Studio

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Want to disguise the imperfections of your car? Know all the tricks to maintain good paint correction. You found a huge risk in your car and you don’t know what to do? First tip is that the mind-boggling solutions that appear in some television ads are to be forgotten. Second advice is that keep in mind the tricks we revealed in this article. Now that with the paint correction Edmonton service you can get the best options. There are 3 stages for the same now: Preparation in Heavy Defect Removal, paint refinement, final polishing and protection.

There are no miracles

Those products advertised to disguise scratches on paint and dents on the car, as well as repairing pens or sprays that can be purchased in supermarkets, may grossly disguise imperfections, but repair will always be noted.

What to do then?

It depends on the degree and nature of the imperfections. The safest thing is to use the services of a specialist garage, which will ensure that the car looks like new. There are several companies that efficiently repair small dents and scratches quickly using fast-drying products (putties, paints, varnishes, etc.) which, depending on the damage, can get the job done within a timeframe. an hour and a day. For deeper interventions, longer traditional methods such as sanding the affected panel are used to remove varnish, paint and appliance, apply grease to fill, re-apply appliance, paint the panel and varnish and dry. in greenhouse. Now that the machine polishing option is open, you can have the essential supports for the same now.

Disguise light scratches on car paint that only affect varnish

First, you should wash the car in a shady place and wait for it to dry. Then with a fine sandpaper (e.g. 2000 grit) lightly scrape the affected area. To do this, immerse the sandpaper in water and then place water at the scratching site. Lightly sandpaper until the entire area around is dull. Then, with a polisher, apply a suitable polishing mass in a circular motion in an amount sufficient to cover the area that has become dull. Then wipe the area with a dry, lint-free cloth until the scratch and frost have disappeared. Finally, you can apply a coat of wax to the car to protect the car paint. This is the safest method, so-called scratch removal pens or sprays are not recommended. In case of the paint correction Edmonton  service be sure that you will have the best deal now.

Polish the car when paint is dull

Another situation is when the car paint is already a little dull, has slight scratches on the varnish and even after washing the car, it never gets bright. In these cases, the solution is to polish the car. This can be done by a specialist garage or by yourself if you have the knack, the patience and want to save money (but beware, if the work is poorly done, it can be much more expensive). Another thing to keep in mind is that polishing, whether expert or self-polishing, will thin the varnish layer (and even the paint if you are not careful), so the number of polishes is limited. You can repeat the operation before painting and varnishing the car again (this should be done by a specialist garage, as it involves sanding all old paint, varnish and braces and refitting, painting and varnishing the vehicle).

What to do then if you decide to polish your own car? First, wash the car in the shade and let it dry. Then, with a polisher, use fine grease to remove some superficial scratches. Then apply polish (for sale at specialty stores and large retailers) evenly and in circular motions. To remove splashes from the polisher, use a pasta remover, which can be purchased at an auto supply store. Finally, wipe it with a clean, dry cloth and the car will shine again for a few months. 

The use of First Detailing Studio  comes quite handy here as they are quite apt in the paint correction process and for that they are surely the best at their crafts. You can be sure that you can have the best deal here.


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