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A functional car requires very efficient brakes. A car with poor brakes is a hazard to the user and other on the road. Brakes have a lifespan and may need to be repaired when the vehicles get too a certain mileage or to be replaced. You dont put your car on sale for minor issues. Below are the signs that will indicate that your breaks require a change.

Your car vibrating while the brakes are applied this is caused by the brake calipers sticking this is mostly caused by extensive periods of uninterrupted braking. The heat causes the rotor to wear unevenly against the brake pads. Due to the uneven contact between the rotor and the break pad that’s why the vibration occurs.

Loud, Grinding Noise while braking this is a clear indication that the brake pad has completely worn out to the metal and its making a direct contact with your brake rotor. 

Burning smell this is caused by a chemical odor that’s caused by hard braking, this is a sign of an overheated clutch or brakes. It is wise to stop over and allow the brakes to cool off, if not allowed to cool it may lead to a brake failure.

Vehicle pulling to one side when braking this can be caused by the presence of foreign materials in the brake fluid which will lead to uneven braking, one brake caliper may be applying all the pressure during braking causing the unbalancing. If you have taken a rental car it should be at its best condition. 

Poor responsiveness when braking this might be caused by a leak in the hydraulic system which causes the unresponsiveness especially when the driver is over speeding.

Pedals if you experience that yours pedal goes down before you engage then there is a problem with the hydraulic system or if your brakes grab immediately then your rotor may be unevenly worn out. But if you have a problem stopping the car then you might have a problem with the vacuum system.

Loud screeching when you brake when you apply brakes, it causes a friction on your wheel and makes you slow down. As you apply your brakes, the brake pad which are softer than the brake rotor will soon wear out and it’s advisable to change them every 40,000-100,000 km depending on your type of car. As they wear out that’s when the screeching starts.

Brake Lights on this will mostly show on the dashboard and it’s an indication that you would need to check the brakes. Ensure that you confirm the issues as the light on the dash board may be caused by the parking brake.

Leaking fluid if the brake pedal is soft make sure it gets checked this is from the master cylinder which if there is leaking then there will be less power to make the brake pads to clamp onto the rotor.

Brake parts tend to wear out over time it’s always good to have then checked anytime you feel there is a problem this ensures your safety and those of your passengers. Always consult a professional mechanic for all your car problems.

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