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Do You Know How You Must Prepare Your Motorcycle While Shipping?

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When you are relocating to a different city then you have to also ship your motorcycle, and certainly you will not like to mix it with rest of other belongings.

Therefore, it will be necessary to prepare the motorcycle for shipping through a certain motorcycle transport company. So, you have to search and find a suitable company who can help you to ship your motorcycle in a very safe manner.

There are a number of companies who ship car, motorcycles and any other vehicles from one city or country to others. First of all, you need to select a reliable company who can send your motorcycle to your new destination.

However, before you handover your motorcycle to any of these shipping company, you need to make few preparations so that the motorcycle can be sent in the safest possible manner. Following are few things to do that.

     1. Clean and wash your motorcycle

First thing that you must do is clean and wash your motorcycle so that it is free from any dirt and also its tire is clean.

     2. Document the present condition of your vehicle

It is necessary to document its present mechanical conditions and note down if any damage marks are present. You may also prefer to take its picture from different angles.

     3. Remove all the loose items

In case, there is any loose items or parts present in your vehicle then either tighten them or you can remove then to be safe.

      4. Reduce fuel level

If the tank is full with fuel then empty it out and keep just sufficient fuel so that you can drive it to shipping company and also drive it back.

    5. Keep tires inflated

Keep your tire inflated so that it can be easily taken and also driven back when you will receive it back at the destination end.

     6. Resolve all leaking

In case, oil is leaking in your motorcycle then try to resolve it before taking to them as no shipping company will accept a leaking motorcycle.

    7. Charge the batteries

Also, keep the battery charged, so that both headlight and rail lights are operating when you drive your motorcycle.

    8. Check all the brakes

Also, check that your motorcycle brake is in working condition and in case there is any problem then get it fixed before taking it to the transporter.

     9. Check all electrical systems

Ensure that all electrical system of your motorcycle like bulbs and lights are in working condition.

    10. Have all its keys with duplicate

You must have all the keys of your motorcycle available with you in duplicate. One set of keys are to be handed over to your transporter while the other set of keys may remain with you.

     11. Remove any personal items

Do not keep any papers or any other personal belongings or tool box inside the motorcycle. In case they are available, the transporter will not be responsible for their safety during the transit.

You must also ensure that the vehicle is fully insured during the shipment.

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