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Care that old car owners should take: your vintage car is your identity

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Every vehicle lover knows that car care is essential to extend its life. However, when it comes to vintage cars, care must be redoubled. It is not just the wear and tear suffered over time that influences the attention that should be given to them. The fact is that vehicles have changed a lot over time also makes the maintenance routine different. Check out these essential cares that vintage car owners should take to increase the life of the vehicle.

Exchange tips with other collectors

Vintage cars are a passion shared by many. It will not be difficult to find collector clubs in your city or region. They can refer you to establishments and practices to better preserve your vehicle. Therefore, the first lesson that every classic owner should keep in mind is that there are many websites taking advantage of old car enthusiasts to apply virtual scams. However, it is not enough to find the genuine workshop, but genuine Metropolitan parts. Dealing with antiques is very delicate and different than with current cars, and not all mechanical services are prepared for this.

Warm up the engine before driving

Do you think this story of heating up the engine before driving is from your grandparents’ time? Know that experts recommend doing this even with new vehicles. But here we are talking about vintage cars, engine that is older than 50 years. Therefore, strictly following this instruction decreases the risk of damage and improves the car’s performance. Another practice that avoids engine problems is to check the carburetor every 90 days.

Pay attention to the brakes

Vintage vehicles do not have the same brake systems as today. A car like Nash Metropolitans has a drum braking system, which is very different from today’s disc-drive cars. Over time, the brake linings of these cars will become worn, and replacement is inevitable. Whenever you find any issues with brakes, consult with an expert.

Change the oil periodically

The lubrication of vintage car parts requires even more care than that of new cars. In addition to the difficulty of finding spare parts, they can cost a small fortune. Making the car turn periodically is also important so that the oil does not lose its lubricating power. 20 minutes a week with the engine running is enough. It is also worth paying attention to oil consumption by the engine and possible leaks. Regular measurement of oil levels should be on your car care list.

Taking care of tires and wheels

For safety reasons, changing the tires periodically is a basic precaution to be taken with any vehicle. When it comes to vintage models, attention should be paid to the subject. As old cars tend to stay put for a long time, it is important to check that the tires are not low. Do not rotate if your car’s tires are expired. Always check the date on the side of the tires.

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