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Armoured Buses For Ensuring Securities To The Passengers

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The armour bus provides advanced and increased protection than the normal buses to the passengers. The armoured bus security features include protection against small arms with adequately improved explosive devices. Normally, the armoured commercial busses are incorporated with bullet-proof glasses and retrofitted vehicle armour. Besides commercial armoured busses, the military uses armoured buses for strengthening the securities and protection of soldiers. In some cases, the police also use the armoured busses for securely transport the prisoners. Get in touch with Troy Armoring armored buses to avail the most advanced technologically featured armoured busses.

The inception of armoured buses is interesting to know. In the first World War, civilian passenger buses were used in military services due to lack of the vehicle for transporting soldiers, arms and other materials. The military in Great Britain and France used public buses extensively for numerous purposes like transporting troops, livestock, supplies and for the purpose of mobile surgeries and ambulance services in 1st World War. The unarmoured buses like Daimler and B-type buses of LGOC were used in hundreds of numbers in the war by Great Britain in order to transport the troops. Interestingly, the windows of these buses got frequently broken due to the military equipment of the soldiers and so the glasses of the windows of the buses were removed and instead of glasses, wooden pieces were fixed. These wooden windows not only served the purposes of durability but also provide further protection from bad weather. However, these thin wooden pieces could not provide adequate protection from the hostile firing from the enemy troops.

A Turkish bus manufacturer named Temsa designed and manufactured the first armoured public passenger bus which was displayed in the international military fair of the 9th international defence industry Fair. The bus was also later tested in Germany for its capacity of security against bomb attack and other security features.

The armoured busses are getting popularity amidst the contemporary threats of terror attacks and other criminal incidents as well as advanced security features to save the passengers from accidents. However, the considerable weight of the armoured busses in comparison to ordinary busses do not make it cost effective in terms of fuel maintenance. The frequent mechanical breakdown of the armoured busses also adds to the problems of inefficiency for massive use of armoured busses on the roads. Besides this, the armoured buses cause high maintenance costs in comparison to the ordinary buses. Despite all these drawbacks, the armoured busses provide securities and protection to the life of the passengers which can never be compromised even if they are not cost-effective.   

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